Inhaled Particles XI (IPXI), organised by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) and to be held in the city of Nottingham, UK on 23 to 25 September 2013 is the latest in a long line of highly successful and prestigious meetings and is the oldest ongoing symposium series.

The first Inhaled Particles conference was held in Oxford in 1960 and ever since the meetings have been aimed at attracting leaders and students in all of the scientific disciplines associated with particle-related lung disease. Over the intervening years, Inhaled Particles has been the event at which all of the key developments in occupational and public health associated with airborne particles have been aired and debated. Its integrative approach to the science of particle-mediated lung disease is a distinctive and successful feature of the Inhaled Particles Conference series. IPXI seeks to continue this fine tradition and invites all researchers who work on exposure, metrology, epidemiology and toxicology of particle-associated diseases to visit Nottingham, in September 2013 to attend the latest in Inhaled Particles meeting.

The meeting is multi-disciplinary in its approach to addressing topics within exposure (e.g. controls, instrumentation / measurement), hazard (e.g. deposition/ clearance of inhaled particles, fate / mechanisms of disease) and risk assessment (e.g. health impacts and links with policy) of particles brought together to under the theme of human occupational health. The meeting brings together leading researchers on the adverse effects of particles on the lungs and extrapulmonary target tissues to showcase cutting edge research and debate solutions to the challenges faced within particle research and risk assessment.

Previously published proceedings
Listed below are the previous Inhaled Particles symposium proceedings which are currently available online.

Inhaled Particles I – 1960 in Oxford

Inhaled Particles II – 1965 in Cambridge

Inhaled Particles III – 1970 in London

Inhaled Particles IV

Inhaled Particles V – 1980 in Cardiff

Inhaled Particles VI – 1985 in Cambridge

Inhaled Particles VII – 1991 in Edinburgh

Inhaled Particles VIII – 1996 in Cambridge

Inhaled Particles IX – 2001 in Cambridge

Inhaled Particles X – 2008 in Sheffield


The city of Nottingham is conveniently situated at the heart of the UK, with excellent air, rail and road links for both national and international visitors. The Nottingham Conference Centre based at the Nottingham Trent University provides the perfect location for Inhaled Particles XI.

Lang Tran (Organising Committee Chair)
Ken Donaldson (Scientific Committee Chair)

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