Inhaled Particles XII (IPXII) is the latest in a long line of highly successful and prestigious international
conferences and meetings organised by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS). It is the oldest
ongoing symposium series on the adverse health effects of inhaled particles.

Abstract submission
Submission of abstracts as posters or spoken presentations are invited. Acceptance of abstracts and their
allocation of abstracts as posters or spoken presentations will be decided by the Scientific Committee based
on quality and logistics.

Important Dates
Abstract submissions close on Friday 28 April 2017
Successful speakers notified by Friday 30 June 2017
Submit your abstract online here

Main Topics / Themes
The Committee welcomes papers on any aspect of diseases and health impacts of inhaled particles and we
especially encourage papers in the following areas:

New Technologies and Approaches to:
• Exposure Assessment
• Managing and Preventing Release
• Biomonitoring and Sensors
• Modelling and Assessing Hazard
• Risk Assessment and Decision Making

Regulation and Governance:
• Future Directions
• Dose Metrics

• Adverse Outcome Pathways
• Nanotoxicology and Ultrafine Particles
• Man-made Fibres
• Dosimetry

Global Issues:
• Indoor Air Pollution
• Outdoor Air Pollution