Inhaled Particles XII

As Chairs of the Organising and Scientific Committees, we invite you to join us in Glasgow on the 25 – 27 September.

The Inhaled Particles Conference Series has a long and illustrious history starting in Oxford in 1960 and the key theme of this twelfth instalment is very much looking to the future. We want to discuss NEW issues, NEW developments and NEW techniques and analyses to see the key issues of the future and how best to address them in the field of Inhaled Particles.

It has long been a key feature of the Inhaled Particles Conference series that we cover ALL particles and ALL aspects of science associated with disease caused by the inhalation of particles. This is a feature we shall continue and so you should expect the opportunity to hear about new developments in particles as diverse as air pollution, asbestos and graphene family nanomaterials. Within sessions, we seek to mix where relevant disciplines around a central topic to provide the opportunity for toxicologists to learn about epidemiology and exposure scientists to learn about pathology etc. We hope this provides not only a highly informative meeting but also a meeting of ideas and creation of new ones.

Dr Craig Poland

Organising Committee Chair IPXII

Professor Vicki Stone
International Scientific Committee Chair IPXII

Inhaled Particles XII in a nutshell:

  • Small, forward looking meeting to promote discussion
  • Focused on the health impact of particle inhalation
  • Cross disciplinary – hear from new research in exposure science, epidemiology and toxicology