Understanding the Common Causes of Blocked Drains in Fareham

If blocked drains fareham you reside in Fareham or any part of the world, having a blocked drain is an inevitable residential issue you may face at a point in time. Though it may seem a petty issue, it can potentially cause severe damage to your property if left untreated. Several root causes are contributing to this problem in Fareham. Being familiar with these potential triggers can help you prevent these scenarios or handle them effectively once they occur.

Food Waste and Grease

Kitchen drains are mostly victims of blockages due to food particles and grease. Washing plates, pots, and cutleries oily or with food particles lodged in places unnoticeable can pile up and harden in the inner linings of the pipes, leading to blockages. Over a period of time, the buildup increases leading to a complete block. This problem primarily arises in homes, restaurants, and other eateries due to the high amount of such waste produced.


Hair is a common culprit of blocked drains in Fareham. They can bundle up in the drain pipes, thereby causing a blockage. They can also mix up with other particles and substances to start a crisp blockage. Hair is mainly the cause behind bathroom and washbasin drains since bathing, brushing, and dressing activities are carried out here. Installing drain guards can be a useful preventive measure.

Toiletries and Sanitary Products

Flushing down too many toilet papers, nappies, baby wipes, or sanitary pads can cause integral damage to your sewage pipes. These items are not designed to break down and dissolve like human waste or toilet paper. Therefore, they end up getting stuck in the pipes causing a blockage. Blockages of this kind often require professional attention due to the difficulty of reaching deep inside the sewage pipes.


You might wonder how soap could contribute to blocked drains. Traditionally made soaps release grease or fat during usage. When combined with minerals present in water, soap changes into hard residue known as soap scum. Gradual build-up of soap scum can hamper the free flow of water through the pipes.

Chalk or Limescale Build-up

A common issue in Fareham and other areas with hard water is the build-up of limescale or chalk within the pipes. These are insoluble deposits that can slowly build up over time, restricting the flow of water and leading to blockage. It may eventually require a professional drain cleaning service to remove these stubborn deposits.

Foreign Objects

Sometimes, seemingly harmless objects like children’s toys, bottle caps, or even soap holders could fall into the drain. These objects are large enough to block the passageway in the drain, resulting in a quick blockage.

Tree Roots

Outdoors, tree roots tend to penetrate the pipelines in search of water, especially during the dry season. Unknowingly, they end up causing significant damage to the drainage and sewage system.

Awareness of these causes is a step towards effectively stopping the issue before it escalates. Regular maintenance and monitoring of your drains, installing drain guards, and disposing of waste products appropriately can help keep blocked drains at bay. However, if your drains are blocked, contacting a professional in Fareham who is experienced in diagnosing and treating drain blockages would save you a tremendous amount of time, energy, and resources.